Irrigation In landscaping, irrigation is an extremely important installation. It helps provide enough moisture in the soil to encourage the germination of seeds. It also helps with the absorption of the much-needed minerals found in soil, while also providing hydrogen and oxygen to growing plants.

That’s why we only provide high-quality and efficient systems for your property. We install them carefully to ensure that our clients will only get durable and functional irrigation.

If these are installed by inexperienced professionals, your landscape could be compromised. When these are built using substandard materials, these would result to various problems, such as:

  • Water overflow or puddles that are caused by sprinklers, drains, or valves that have been clogged with debris.
  • Leaks from loose pipes or valves.
  • Over-sprays due to improper installation of sprinklers or miscalculation of their proper locations.
  • Pipe breaks due to low-quality materials.
  • Plant damage caused by too much or lack of water.
  • Soil erosion or displacement.

In order to prevent these costly problems, only rely on experienced and reliable irrigation services contractor in California.

Our Landscape Irrigation Systems

Irrigation We have expert builders and installers that have extensive knowledge in the various types of irrigation systems for landscaping. It takes an expert to determine what type would work best for your backyard. At Riverview Landscaping, we usually recommend the sprinkler type. But if an area requires another type, we will install it for you.

Let us give you some ideas on what you will get with each type of irrigation and how you can take advantage of its benefits.

Sprinkler Systems. These are great for lawns, because they can water an area evenly. They can even be scheduled to do their task at certain times during the day, thus saving you time and effort of having to do the watering yourself. Sprinklers are also cost-effective compared to other types. They can keep your landscape well nourished because of the right amount of water. The good thing about sprinklers is that they can be turned into an automated system, and they can be installed underground.

Drip Systems. The drip system lets water drip directly onto plants or soil. The slow-dripping technique keeps plants and soil moisturized without the need for too much water. Fertilization is also easy using this type of irrigation.

Rotary Systems. This is a system that makes use of rotating sprinkler heads. It has a wider scope and watering capability. This is ideal for larger landscape areas.

Effective and Efficient Irrigation Systems

For your landscape irrigation, hire a contractor who can provide excellent installation services using reliable products. And at Riverview Landscaping, you will get these.

Our partnership with the leading manufacturers of landscape irrigation products in the country is a proof of our commitment to give you only the best. We have certified installers who are well trained in the installation and repair of any type of landscape watering system.

If you are located in Greater Bay Area in California, we are your best option for your landscape irrigation needs. Contact us now, and we will be more than happy to provide you with additional information about this particular service.