Landscaping If you’re in the hunt for a landscaping company that can provide just about every service that one can expect from such business, then contact Riverview Landscaping today.

As a greater Bay Area mainstay from 1985, we have worked on countless high-end landscaping projects in Alamo, Concord, San Ramon, Bay Point, Clayton, Walnut Creek, and many other areas in the state.

Our passion for excellence and keen attention to even the smallest details had won the rave of our clients past and present. And, as holder of C27 California state contractor’s license, we are among the very few companies in the state that can claim to be legitimate and professionals in our chosen field.

What Makes A Great Landscaping Company?

Landscaping Creating stunning landscapes that are functional as they are beautiful requires unmatched expertise, solid years of experience, proper tools and equipment, and creative and dedicated people. As it is, no landscaping job will be complete without all of these mentioned factors. Fortunately for our past, present, and future clients all over California, we possess all these great qualities.

Riverview Landscaping offers design and build services for residential and commercial properties that require skilled handling. With over two decades of experience, we know that landscaping is not just about installing a pocket garden or mini waterfalls, but is about creating a new environment with various elements in harmony.

As it is, no project can be too big or too insignificant to merit our undivided attention. Whenever we say yes to a landscaping task, we always make it a point to bring out our A-game, simply because we know that every client deserves nothing less than exceptional results from us.

So the next time you or a friend needed a landscape services provider whom you can put your full trust on, always have us in mind. With just a phone call, you can look forward to having a wonderful experience working with one of the state’s most reputable landscaping companies.

Riverview’s Landscaping Services

The various landscaping services that we can handle include but are not limited to the following:

  • Plants. We can install ornamental plants to gardens and other areas all over the landscape. You can choose from the different annuals and perennials that are perfect for California climate. You can also count on us to create topiaries that add interesting flavor to every property we install them on.
  • Walkways and driveways. We create stunning and durable driveways and walkways that will definitely become a point of interest in your property.
  • Decks. Whether it’s a pool deck or a viewing deck overlooking a body of water near your property, trust our expertise in creating one that you will surely love. Our decks are made of durable materials and are designed by our skilled team of professional designers so you’re guaranteed of an extraordinary deck.
  • Irrigation. Irrigation is a critical part of any landscape. Our licensed workers will ensure that your irrigation system will run perfectly all the time.
  • Landscape lighting. Everything becomes special with the proper outdoor lighting to get you in the perfect mood.

Call us today for your landscaping needs. We can work on any type of landscape from designing up to installation.