Water Features

Water Features Water is a very powerful element which promotes well-being and relaxation. Due to the positive effects that water has on people and its surroundings, a lot of residential and commercial landscapes have water features installed in them.

If you are interested in enjoying outdoors with the soothing sight and sound of water, we at Riverview Landscaping can help you from conceptualization all the way to the completion of any water feature project.

We offer premium design and installation of various water features in the Greater Bay Area. All of our previous clients can testify to our adherence to high quality work and creativity. These qualities are evident in every water feature that we build, whether they are complex waterfalls, ponds and streams, or simple fountains and bird baths.

Water Features

Water Features Ideas

There are various types of water features that can be added to your outdoor area. Whether it is for a residential or a commercial property, for large or small spaces, there is a water feature that will effectively enhance, improve, and increase the value of a garden or landscape.

Below are some of the common water features that we recommend to homeowners as well as commercial property owners in California:

  • Water Fountains. Waterfalls come in various shapes and sizes. If you have small spaces, you could choose one that features a small water basin or, probably, the type that is designed to be merely a decorative accent. For larger spaces, large water fountains with fancy flow patterns would be an elaborate addition to enhance the beauty of the whole area.
  • Ponds. There are various options when it comes to building ponds. The size would, of course, depend on how much space is available in your backyard. Aside from space, it is also important to consider the actual area where it would be built. Since ponds would usually involve aquatic animals and plants, they require more maintenance than other water features.
  • Bird Baths. Having birds in your own backyard is a wonderful sight. Bird baths not only beautify your outdoors, they also provide water and a resting place for birds. However, it is important for property owners to change the water regularly.
  • Streams. Artificial streams can be built with artificial rocks and boulders. These are popular among clients who enjoy the sound of flowing water.
  • Waterfalls. There are various designs and concepts for a waterfall feature regardless of the size of your area. These can be designed to run or ripple down a wall. Even hotels and large office buildings incorporate them outside of their entrances and sometimes even in their lobbies. If you want something more realistic, waterfalls can be built using natural stones, such as rocks and boulders, with flowing water that falls on a pond.

Benefits of Water Features

Riverview Landscaping understands the significant roles of water features in an area. That’s why we always strive to provide clients with stunning and appropriate features for their properties.

Whether you are in Danville, Clayton, Brentwood, or anywhere else in the state of California, we are just a call away to providing you with water features that are unique, beautiful and budget friendly.